Mariage / Prêt-à-porter

Monday, 28 March 2016 17:58
Emanuelle Junqueira

Destination weddings or freedom of expression?

Last year, I was invited by Camila to take part in a workshop at Casar in the company of a bride of mine, Mica Rocha.

Theme: destination WEDDINGS!

I guess we´ll have to change the theme since we´re not talking about destination weddings but about brides in general!

When I began my career, I had a huge need to encourage free-spirited women to celebrate love in a more authentic way. I imagined the difficulty of that moment for those who didn´t wish to accept the prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) standard.

I have always been a defender of authenticity and truth. For some women, to be put in a box would be as if being handcuffed; and to invalidate oneself is never a good option.

So, I began designing dresses which were outside the box and above all to photograph campaigns with this kind of spirit. I let their hair down, took away the so dreamed princess tiaras, and portrayed them in movement.

Amazing and talented friends collaborated with me in the art of making beauty without a set mold. And that´s how the wedding dress campaign was born. With highly intuitive people who created with love, the desire to share what is beautiful for the simple pleasure of doing it.
While shooting, I have always been more fascinated with the making ofs. A tripod and a static photo sequence would get on my nerves. So I decided to encourage what is real, the movement, the naturality a woman needs to be charming.

There is nothing like a confident woman in such a fragile moment. To be delicate was a way to nourish the fortress of being a woman. That´s when I decided to translate each story, each personality, each body type, in to a wedding dress.

Dresses which dress the soul, that welcome the curves and natural movements. Transparency, fluidity and lace. And lace was almost abolished. The sensual Chantilly lace which allows me to explore organic details which please me so much.

That is how, little by little, I began to dress these darling women who allowed me, and above all, allowed themselves to make this ritual of love an authentic celebration, regardless of the location, the hour of the day and the spirit of the wedding. And that´s how you celebrate love!

No matter where or how they desire. As long as with esthetic harmony.
Monday, 22 February 2016 20:36
Emanuelle Junqueira

Real women

The stylist Emannuelle Junqueira invited Sarah Oliveira, Vera Egito, Valéria Rossatti, Malu Neves,
Nina Pandolfo and Paola Carosella to pose for the lens of photographer Luiz Tripolli, one of the pioneers of fashion
photography in Brazil, to celebrate the launch of the stylist´s 2016 Summer Collection.

Based on the theme “Strong Women”, and with the main objective of appreciating the real woman, the campaign photoshoot took place at the stylist´s atelier in the Jardins neighbourhood in São Paulo, transformed in to a proper photographic studio to welcome guests, Sarah Oliveira, Vera Egito, Valéria Rossatti, Nina Pandolfo, Malu Neves, Paola Carosella as well as Emannuelle Junqueira, who posed creatively for Tripolli wearing pieces from the Summer 2016 collection and the bridal line, expressing all the beauty, naturality, sensuality and essence of feminine courage. All of them wore white, yet enhancing more of their own characteristics.

To portray real women with all their qualities and flaws, is the reason for the union between the stylist and the photographer in this campaign. In his work, Tripolli has the differential of enhancing the feminine and sensual side of his models. “The difference in not photographing models but instead real women, is that they have to be dominated, and they dislike this precisely because they are independent and real. They have to give in to you body and soul!”, affirms the photographer.

For the presenter Sarah Oliveira, the photoshoot represented all the naturality and sensibility of her pregnancy.“ I am very pregnant, and Tripolli gave me confidence which is essential for the photo to come out pretty and natural. Only photographers with the sensibility, skill and talent as his can pull it off. This without saying how caring and fun he is. It was a lovely experience which I will treasure in my memory”, she affirms.

For Valéria Rossatti, a strong woman has personality. "It may seem cliché, but a strong woman is one who accepts herself well, who accepts the signs of the times and doesn´t allow herself to fall into the trap of “the perfect woman”. She is polite and kind to those around her”, she states.

Emannuelle Junqueira created a collection which interacts with the woman bringing an authentic beauty,  proving that the stylist´s pieces are always created for practical, spontaneous and dynamic women.
According to the Public Relations, Malu Neves, Emannuelle´s clothes are timeless and cosmopolitan, true to the real woman. “You can wear them anywhere in the world, at any time. Emannuelle´s creations stand out and transcend fleeting trends and tendencies.” The artist Nina Pandolfo, believes in the femininity of the stylist´s clothes. “To wear an EJ is to make visible what is inside of me.” 

The new collection mixes textures with the stylist´s signature. With a vintage feel and with metal and pearl embroidery defining cut-outs and  seams of many fabrics such as silk, tulle, lace, crepe and linen, the pieces may be worn to all occasions.

As a way to expand the “I said yes to an Emannuelle Junqueira” campaign in social media, the brand has advertised in its official channels, images of real women wearing the brand´s clothes using the #eudissesimparaumemannuellejunqueira hashtag.

“We live in a moment where what is feminine and charm, give space to the lack of personality. Despite the difference in generations, what I want is to reclaim the poetry by means of what a women wears. So, I invited Tripolli to take portraits of a group of women who I find beautiful, authentic, and who allow themselves to dress this poetry. They aren´t afraid of being themselves. They have different hairstyles from one another, different styles, but they are women, and that is something common to all of them. They surpass the need to be beautiful according to what is currently expected. They are beautiful because they have their own emotions. What I want to bring back in this campaign is the return of feminine poetry. Like a manifestation. I want the return of what is authentic, from the inside out, of fuller libraries rather than selfies, and all that is legitimate, beyond “the look of the day”. To dress women who believe in this comeback is rewarding, their beauty has emotion. It´s beautiful to see them wearing white and not be brides, but still with the attitude of one.”