Mariage / Prêt-à-porter


If you said yes to an Emannuelle Junqueira’s dress,
use the hashtag #eudissesimparaumEmannuelleJunqueira

“You can wear them anywhere in the world, at any time. Emannuelle´s creations stand out and transcend fleeting trends and tendencies.”
Malu Neves, Public Relations
“I remember so well the fittings for this dress...You´d call me because I would always forget (laughter), a forgetful bride. The truth is I have so much trust in your “art” that I didn´t even worry about it“
Sarah Oliveira, TV presenter
"It may seem cliché, but a strong woman is one who accepts herself well, who accepts the signs of the times and doesn´t allow herself to fall into the trap of “the perfect woman”. She is polite and kind to those around her.”
Valéria Rossati, Businesswoman
“To wear an  EJ is to make visible what is inside of me.”
Nina Pandolfo, Artist
“The dress is part of a woman´s imaginary ever since her childhood... Among so many options, I found what I was looking for the first time we met! I couldn´t see myself wearing anything else but an “Emannuelle Junqueira” on such a special day of my life. You made my dream come true!  I can only give back all the care I received  by trusting that I would have the “perfect dress for me”.  At each fitting, my feelings were a mixture of happiness, anxiety and euphoria! I can only thank you for making my day even more unforgettable!”
Roberta Fragiacomo, Pharmacist
“This week I had the pleasure of picking up my wedding dress. Finished. Ready for me to wear and exactly what I imagined it would be. After a long search, today, I´m sure that if I were to get  married every year, I would go back to the same place every year in search of an amazing dress. From the beginning I was certain and confident that everything would come out the way I wanted.  Delicate professionalism. Willingness, with love for what they do. I can only thank them for making me feel so confident and at ease.”
Patricia Landsmann, lawyer
"Emannuelle´s creations are classic and I guess that´s what I love the most. Sure, she always brings something edgy to her pieces, but this aspect happens within a classic, feminine esthetic. Pieces that dress women across the decades. I know my grandmother would wear Manu´s clothes and I also know that my three-year-old daughter will want to wear them when she grows up. Because the clothes are timeless, they are passed on by the women of the family from one generation to another.”
Vera Egito, Cinema director and screenwriter
“Thank you so much for all the care and lovely job!”
Claudia Marques, administrator/fashion and interiors designer
"Emannuelle Junqueira  turned a dream in to a dress. Thank you!”
Mica Rocha, Presenter