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Monday, 28 March 2016 19:01
Emanuelle Junqueira

Emannuelle Junqueira – Wedding Dresses – Brazil

What do really sophisticated Brazilian women dream to wear on their wedding day? If you ask the ones who travel frequently they will say “...a dress by Emannuelle Junqueira.”

These women are writers, singers, cinema directors and intellectuals, and women whom studied and lived abroad. Executives at multinationals, actresses, fashion models. Trendsetters, they do still get married in church, but they also love to tie the knot on the beach, or at a garden party at home, or the countryside.

The very old and the very new come together in her dresses. Sometimes century old laces wind up on high-tech textiles. A contemporary look is always overlaying or underlining a trait of the bride’s character. Each dress has a well-balanced peculiarity that makes it unique. Free, due to her distinct knowledge of fashion, Emannuelle knows exactly what works and is always on the look for what will tell her more about that one bride. It is her customer’s personality, as well as style and contours that will guide her through the process of creating the perfect dress for that one special woman.

Lace produced in Flanders in the 15th century, as sophisticated and delicate as what we see in renaissance paintings continues to be handmade to this day, at a rate of 8 cm2 a day. In the past these valuable works of art were passed on from mother to daughter as part of the bride’s dowry. The idea of having “Dentelles de famille” (family lace) is a concept that disappeared in the 1950s and 1960s, and one that Emannuelle is now reviving.

France, the country of her childhood holidays and ancestry, has a deep influence on her work and is where she still goes to find the lace she so delicately uses. Emannuelle began learning her art the age of 12, with her grandmother, removing the lace from old dresses to put on to new ones. At 14 she asked for her first sewing lessons, and at 18 was part of the first group of students at the newly created Fashion University of São Paulo. She never doubted pursuing her passion. Today she shares her knowledge. Twelve years after creating her brand her style is now a reference.

One of the brand’s many hidden secrets is her teams’ expertise and craftsmanship, carried out in exquisitely contemporary ateliers. Emannuelle has three lines of dresses, in various price ranges, and each one takes from one to six months to be made.

Those who are familiar with Brazil know that its uniqueness lays strongly in its originality, warmth and keen perception of style, which is part of the nature of its people. This innate sensitivity can be felt in a very smart and special way when a woman chooses to be dressed by Emannuelle Junqueira on her wedding day.

Emannuelle Junqueira is currently looking for representatives and partners abroad.