Mariage / Prêt-à-porter

The Brand

In the fashion industry for over 12 years, the brand consists of three bridal lines
with dresses that translate a unique, sophisticated and feminine style: the “Exclusive” – a unique
dress designed specially for the occasion; the ‘”Customized” – totally personalized, where
the bride decides on every detail; and the “Off-White” – a prêt-à-porter line composed of existing designs.

The brand also includes a “Ready-to-Wear” collection, with prêt-à-porter designs and various pieces.
Among them are skirts, blouses and dresses which explore the lyric, contemporary and artsy styles always
present in the stylist´s development DNA. Emannuelle is known for her mixture of fabrics such as lace, silk
and aged tulle; a sure presence in her timeless collections bringing a light and fluid fit.

At the atelier, a team of seamstresses and embroideresses
manually confection the wedding dresses
Every dress has its own technical
file and series number
A wedding dress may contain over
2 thousand mini embroidered pearls
There is an average of 6 fittings with the bride
until the conclusion of the design
Every design is a collboration between the stylist, product
manager, seamstresses and embroideresses
French lace, handpicked by the stylist Emannuelle Junqueira,
come to life at the atelier
Photos: Duo Borgatto