Mariage / Prêt-à-porter

The Brand

"Emanuelle is first of all an artist. No, perhaps not that. Emanuelle is,
first of all, a woman. What she imagines, designs, cuts, sewes and
materializes in her pieces is the female.

And how to set the female? Is it the delicacy? Yes it is. But it is also the strength, the courage.
The ability to create life, however painful it may be.

Everything in the universe of Emanuelle is full of details.
Aspects that only attentive eyes to beauty can admire .
Everything in the universe of Emanuelle is strong, full of personality,
and impacts anyone that looks and feels.
Anyone who has sight or touch.

As the own female: fragile and invincible.

Those seeking a piece of Emanuelle, search for this old female.
That is the female of the present and the future as well.
The eternal classic that is also modern.

Who uses an Emanuelle's piece is first of all an admirer of art.
Or maybe not that. Who uses an Emanuelle's piece is first of all a woman."

by Vera Egito

Julia Selotti (DuoBorgatto)


To consolidate the brand in Brazil and gain international recognition
by valuing the authentic lifestyle.


To dress with personality and authorship the essence of a
woman in order to eternalize moments.


To cultivate tradition
To act with ethics and transparency
To surprise and enchant
To stimulate cultural diversity
To strengthen internal communication
To seek excellency in the accomplishment of all tasks
To lead by example
To work with love, respect and kindness
To think in a sustainable manner
To plan actions
To value and develop the team
To search for the differential
To create eternal products
To eternalize moments